Property Condition Assessments

Frequently we receive inquiries about certain properties here in Germany. We are asked to do an assessment of the building components, the necessary investments and the market value of the property.

Now we offer Property Condition Assessments involving an inspection of the site together with an evaluation of external and internal building components, department records and drawings. The assessment also includes interviews with property managers and engineers.
Valuations of the replacement repair cost are based on the physical condition of the components, their ages, expected useful life, significant defects and deficiencies.
Our assessment will identify, locate, and quantify significant defects, maintenance backlog, required upgrades, and obvious code violations at the property.

Understanding the condition of a structure as well as the major building systems and components can be critical to determine the economic viability of a commercial real estate transaction.
The Property Condition Reports may include a detailed report about the property or may result in an in-depth telephone call with our client after one of our engineers has visited the property. During the phone call all details can be described and an estimate of price of the property in question given.

For more detailed information about our engineering services, please email us or call us at Tel: +49 351 8888 9920.